Project Description

About this place which we called Bear Mountain

This is in TN but only 5 KM from the A.P border. Just across the border Andhra govt has developed a large SEZ called Sri City on 3000 acres. So this area in TN is of strategic importance, as investments here will multiply several folds in the future. In short this is the OMR of the future. But what do we do till then with all the land parcels ? So we made one of this into a retreat from where if need be we can direct work at other sites.

On a clear day you can see rolling hills and mountains to your west. These are the Nagalapuram Hills - part of the Eastern Ghats. Beyond this lies the Tirumala Hills.

This "farm" is a misnomer 'cause it does not grow any food. It is set in 25 acres and is bounded on two sides by the Siruvada forest. The forest is one of the rare success stories of TN forest dept - it has been nurtured by them and today has valuable 15 year old Red Sander trees.

We have spotted 78 types of birds in the property and a 100 more in the nearby forests.

Open Bill storks , White eye Buzzard & plum headed parakeet are some birds which we have been surprised to find here.

The night brings wild boars & it is not unusual to see civet cats in the early morning.

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