Buying a house scares me, cause it is not only about finding the right house , but a whole lot more with the formalities that surround it. I have literally spent several months that added up to a year looking around for a place that suits my budget and convenience, met several different people, brokers , online research and was ready to give up when I stumbled upon this one stop solution which I would otherwise believe did not exist. Life was made simple for me that I bought my house in a matter of weeks. Graffiti was all I needed and have recommended this to others who have come back with great reviews

Ms. Vandana Kumar , Junior consultant - IBM India Pvt Ltd.,

Firstly they rightly understood my need, the dedicated service of giving me multiple options to choose till I decided to buy one and all the information of the surroundings, future developments in that area made me really feel to buy one, thanks to graffiti I wish their team good luck and all the best

Ms. Sarbani, Head talent acquisition - Sage IT

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity for a job well done. Graffiti ventures have always exceeded my expectations in property search. From managing, leasing, taking care of clients, you have been exceptional. Thank you for doing a great job. If I re-enter the market again and looking for a property, I will definitely come back to graffiti ventures. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again !

Mr. Abdul Rasheed Khan, Senior QA Lead - Fuzion Analytics

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